IBCS2 - 1617 - March

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Thursday (3/30/17)


Tuesday (3/28/17)


  • Return Internal Assessment graded rubrics
    • Fix your IAs and return the rubric for a potential regrade
    • Make notes on your rubric about what you fixed
    • All IA fixes must be turned in by the end of Wednesday (3/29/17)
  • Paper 3 Discussion
  • Paper 3 Question Creation Assignment - Computers in Medicine Media:IBCS_CaseStudy2017.pdf
    1. Use the 2016 Paper 3 as a guide
    2. Option 1
      • Create a 2-mark type of question AND a 12-mark type of question
    3. Option 2
      • Create a 4-mark type of question AND a 6-mark type of question
    4. Submit your questions to Google Classroom

Friday (3/24/17)


Wednesday (3/22/17)


Monday (3/20/17)


  1. Click on your class period's terms presentation below
  2. Go to your term's slide and insert your material
  3. Do *not* change the order of the slides


Thursday (3/16/17)


  • Turn in your Internal Assessment via Google Classroom if you have not already done so!
  • Read the Media:IBCS_CaseStudy2017.pdf
    • You may print a hard-copy if you prefer one
    • Highlight or note any words or terms with which you are unfamiliar
  • Case Study Slide Assignment
    1. Go to Google Classroom to find your assigned case study term
    2. Each person will create a presentation slide to present their assigned term
    3. Be sure to include the following:
      • Definition: What does the term mean or do?
      • Describe: How does it work?
      • Image or graphic to help explain/describe the term
      • Why should we care? (why is it useful?)
    4. Submit your slide via Google Classroom

Tuesday (3/14/17)

  • Winter Storm Stella Snow Day

Internal Assessment Final Deadline: Monday (3/13/17)

  • Note, this is not an L day, but you will be able to electronically submit to Google Classroom
  • The submission will be a zip file (archiving all the IA folders and files)

Wednesday - Friday (3/8/17 - 3/10/17)


  • Teen Tech Help @ Central Library, Thursday (3/9/17), 3:30-5pm
    • Volunteer to help adults solve their tech problems
    • Easy service hours!
    • Mr. Bui will provide pizza
  • Senior Experience Opportunity
    • Reid Goldstein & Carolyn Carlson
    • 15-20 hrs for each per week (30-40 hrs total/wk)
    • MS Excel, proficient typing and moderate-to-advanced computer skills
  • Criterion D Update!
  • Anonymization Guidelines
    • No full names -- use initials only (on coverpage and any criteria)
  • Work on you Internal Assessment
    • See Monday (3/6/17) for final assembly instructions

Monday (3/6/17)

  • Internal Assessment - What's Left?
    • Appendix
      • Evidence of consultation with the client/advisor (transcription of consultation works)
      • Evidence of feedback from the client/advisor (transcription of feedback is ok)
      • Any additional documents or screenshots of the product functioning
    • Super-checklist rubric for all criteria:
    • 2000 word max for the extended writing sections
    • Use of the provided Media:IBCS_IA_Forms.zip and templates
    • All written sections are saved as .pdf files
    • Correct location and placement of the following:
      • Criteria A-E documentation should be located in the Documentation folder
      • Your video should be located in the Documentation folder as Criterion D
      • Your actual product should be located in the Product folder. The product should work as it sits in the folder.
      • Cover page
    • Filling out the cover page
      • Use relative links
      • Make sure you fill in every field
      • Link to a working copy of your product
    • Zip everything and submit electronically
  • IA Assembly Guidelines - DUE MONDAY (3/13/17)
  1. Prepare access to all your electronic copies of your documents and project
  2. Download Media:IBCS_IA_Forms.zip and move the folder to your desktop
  3. Move all your solution (actual code) files to the Product folder
  4. Complete the coversheet
  5. Move your Criterion sections PDFs into the Documentation folder
  6. Delete files in Documentation that are not necessary
  7. Edit links in the coversheet
    1. Copy the file name in the coversheet and paste/rename each of your criterion PDFs
    2. Rename your Criterion D video using the same naming convention -- edit the link in the coversheet
    3. Add links to any appendices -- evidence of initial consultation and feedback should be here
  8. Open your coversheet in a web browser and double-check every field and click on every link.
  9. Be sure to edit/correct the word count
  10. Highlight the coversheet, Documentation, and Product folders -- right-click and create a zip archive or compress (Mac) or send to compressed file (Windows)
  11. Zip file naming convention: LastName_IA.zip
  12. Send the zip file to another computer, click on every link, and test it out
  13. Once everything has been double-checked. Submit the zip file to Google Classroom

Thursday (3/2/17)


  • Criterion E: Evaluation - Due Friday (3/3/17) to Google Classroom
  • Senior Experience Opportunity
    • Reid Goldstein & Carolyn Carlson
    • 15-20 hrs for each per week (30-40 hrs total/wk)
    • MS Excel, proficient typing and moderate-to-advanced computer skills
  • System design basics - Media:SystemDesignBasics.pptx