IB Computer Science 2

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Monday - Wednesday (6/4/18 - 6/6/18)


  • Final Exam Exemption Slips!
  • Turn in your Custom Java assignment assignment by e-mailing Mr. Bui an invitation to join your class

Thursday - Tuesday (5/24/18 - 5/29/18)


  • NVCC has a dual enrollment student evaluation that you can fill out https://nova.mce.cc/
  • Join Mr. Bui's repl.it! https://repl.it/classroom/invite/VALHYh8
    • You should be able to sign in using your APS Google account
  • Play around with repl.it for a minutes
    1. Complete the "Hello world" assignment in our "class"
    2. Go to your personal dev environment in "my repls"
    3. Create a Java hello world program
    4. Play around with the settings (the gear icon on the left hand side of your dev environment)
    5. Complete the "068 - Encapsulation Practice - Person Class" assignment
  • Custom Java assignment assignment (<-this was intentional)
    1. You will create your own Java assignment that will be given to IB CS 1 students
    2. You may find one online and tweak it OR you may create it from scratch
    3. Create a Java-based assignment that focuses on your given programming construct (e.g. if-statement, for-loop, Strings, arrays, classes, etc.)
    4. Submit via ... TBD (either repl.it or Canvas)

Friday (5/18/18)


  • Mr. Bui apologizes for not being here for your last day, but his son has a stomach flu
  • Please make sure that you have completed all the EOC surveys below
  • NVCC has a dual enrollment student evaluation that you can fill out https://nova.mce.cc/
  • Be sure to take a moment to backup all your high school files
    1. Upload everything saved locally on your laptop to Google Drive
    2. Re-organize and move everything within your Google Drive to a single folder
    3. Share that single folder to your personal Google account
    4. At home, login to your personal Google account and download the entire folder (if its not too big)
  • Here are some collections of advice that I've shown/given to every senior class:


Thursday - Monday (5/10/18 - 5/14/18)


  • Fall 2018 Semester Course Schedule Assignment
    • Due before you leave for senior experience
    • You will need to use information from the following sources:
      • Your sub-school's course requirements page
      • Your expected major's course requirements page
      • Your college's course offering directory for Fall 2018
    • Determine your fall semester schedule. You should have about 5 courses or 15 credit hours (unless your school has a different suggested schedule)
      • Course name, course code, number of credits, meeting days, meeting times, professor name
      • Neatly list the above for all the courses in an aesthetic table
    • Submit your schedule to APS Canvas
  • Alternative assignment for juniors
    • Spend time researching various colleges and majors
    • Create a table/spreadsheet of colleges with the following information
      • College name
      • City, State
      • Major(s) that interest you
      • Expected cost for you (pending on in-state or out-of-state)
      • Early decision, early action, or regular decision?
      • College application deadline(s)
      • Summary of why you like that school
    • Submit to APS Canvas


  • Friday (5/4/18) - 12:30pm - 2:55pm @ Library
    • Paper 1 (Topics 1-7) - 2 hrs 10 minutes
  • Monday (5/7/18) - 8:15am - 11:05pm @ Library
    • Paper 2 (OOP) - 1 hr 20 mins
    • Paper 3 (Autonomous Taxis) - 1 hr

IB CS Exam Review Countdown

Friday (4/20/18)

  • Practice Paper 1 Markscheme (Posted on Canvas in the course Files section)
  • Topics 1-3
    • System fundamentals
    • Computer organization
    • Networks

Tuesday (4/24/18)

  • Practice Paper 2 & 3 Markscheme
  • Topics 4-5
    • Computational thinking, problem-solving, programming
    • Abstract data structures

Thursday (4/26/18)

  • Topics 6-7
    • Resource Management
    • Control
  • Option D: Object-Oriented Programming
  • Case study - Autonomous Taxis
    • Review all terms (found in Slides) and the practice questions

Monday (4/30/18)

  • Open study and question day

Wednesday (5/2/18)

  • Last day to cram & ask questions -- use it wisely

Friday (5/4/18)

  • Mr. Bui's class will be open to all IB CS 2 students after 10am
  • Feel free to stop by and ask any last minute questions

Sunday (5/6/18)

Monday - Wednesday (4/16/18 - 4/18/18)




  • Paper 3 Question creation assignment due Friday (4/20/18)
    1. Go to Canvas
    2. Look at previous years' Paper 3 questions
    3. Create your own 2-mark, 4-mark, 6-mark, and 12-mark questions
    4. Submit your questions via Canvas

Tuesday - Friday (4/10/18 - 4/13/18)


  • Case Study Presentations
  • IBCS Syllabus Study Guide
  • IBCS Internal Assessment compiled samples due from:
    • Period 1: Malik
    • Period 3: Brantley, Deily, MacCullough, Mai, Pulley
    • Period 6: Arandia, Muskovitz, Otal, Stokely
    • Come to GP AND after school today and tomorrow
    • Bring ALL internal assessment documents and actual project code

Tuesday - Friday (4/3/18 - 4/6/18)


  • Update: Mr. Bui is still out because his son tested positive for the flu
  • Case study presentations will be postponed until Mr. Bui returns (probably Thursday)
    1. If you have not already done so, complete your slide
    2. Go to your class's set of slides and paste your slides in its proper place:
    3. Make sure your key term is in the proper order (make note of the key terms order slide)
  • Mock Paper 1 Assignment due Tuesday (4/10/18)
    1. Download Nov 2017 Paper 1
    2. Complete all the questions without looking up any resources (mark and skip questions if you do not know the answer)
    3. Be sure to mark the questions that you skipped in the first pass
    4. Go back through and answer the remaining questions by looking up resources
    5. You will not have any time on Thursday to work on this assignment

Monday (4/2/18)


  • Mr. Bui is out today because his son is sick.
  • Work on your IBCS2 - Case Study Terms
    • You will need to research your term(s) and create slides to teach the rest of the class (1-3 slides)
    • You will also present your slides in class (~5 minutes)
    • Your slide(s) must contain the following:
      • Definition: What does the term mean or do?
      • Describe: How does it work?
      • Image(s) or graphic(s) to help explain/describe the term
      • Importance or application of the term within the context of the case study (autonomous taxis)
      • Paste all the URLs of your sources in the notes section of your slides
      • Presentations begin: Tuesday, April 3rd