IB Computer Science 1

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Tuesday - Thursday (4/17/18 - 4/19/18)


  • Nested-if statements review
  • Java while loops
  • Java random numbers
  • Convert Guessing Game assignment from Python -> Java
    • Class walk-through
  • Integer division and casting
  • Convert Prime numbers assignment from Python -> Java
  • Convert Monte Carlo Pi assignment from Python -> Java
  • Convert Taylor Series Pi and e assignment from Python -> Java

Friday (4/13/18)


Wednesday (4/11/18)


Friday (4/6/18)


  • Demo any Java assignments
  • End of 3rd Quarter
  • Review Java Strings

Wednesday (4/4/18)


  • Mr. Bui is still out because his son has the flu
  • Read through Media:JavaStrings_Basic.pptx
    • Be sure to test some of the Java code out
  • Convert your Tech Support Flow Chart Assignment from Python -> Java
    • You will need to use the Scanner's nextLine() method to take input as a String
    • You will need to use the String's equals() method to compare if two Strings match
String str1 = "hello";
String str2 = "goodbye";

    System.out.println("This will print because the condition is true");

    System.out.println("This does not print because the condition is false");

Monday (4/2/18)


  • Mr. Bui is out today because his son is sick.
  • Take a few minutes and review your Python->Java notes
  • Go back and convert the following from Python -> Java (if you do not have the Python code, then simply get a copy from somebody else in the class)
    • Quadratic Formula
    • Letter Grade Calculator
  • Demonstrating the Java versions of Quadratic Formula and the Letter Grade Calculator will be counted in the 3rd quarter.