AP Computer Science

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Monday (1/22/18)


  • Teen Tech Help @ Central Library after school today
    • Help old people with their technology (volunteer opportunity)
  • Col. Rob Fago speaking here after school
    • Senior Cyber Capability Development Analyst and Deputy, Cyber Programs Directorate within the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, & Logistics)
  • APCS Quarter Assessment on Canvas
    • 28 questions
    • 1 hour
  • Complete the Extra Credit Mid-Year Feedback on Canvas

Tuesday - Thursday (1/16/18 - 1/18/18)


  • Student STEM Opportunities
  • Design and implement the Acey Deucey card game
    • Read the Acey Deucey Rules (1st paragraph and Aces section) carefully and multiple times
    • You may either develop the command-line version or the GUI version of Acey Deucey (your choice)
    • You will receive a hard-copy of the requirements checklist
    • Be sure to begin your design by at least commenting out the steps of your entire game
  • APCS Quarter Assessment - Monday (1/22/18)
    • Work on current assignment to review
    • 20-25 Multiple-choice questions
    • No GUI, no Processing, pure Java

Tuesday - Thursday (1/9/18 - 1/11/18)


  • Complete War walk-through
  • Card GUI walk-through
  • War GUI walk-through
  • Next assignment: Acey Deucey

Wednesday - Friday (1/3/18 - 1/5/18)


  • Review the rules to the card game/simulation War (look up online)
  • Play several iterations of the game with some playing cards


  • War Card "Game"/Simulation
    1. Use NetBeans and create a new project for War
    2. Design and implement a Card class (we will design as a class
    3. Design and implement the game/simulation (we will design as a class)