Tech Support Flow Chart Assignment

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Objective: Create a program that asks the user various questions that leads them through the following flow chart



  • 043 Design a program using an algorithm, pseudocode, and/or a flowchart.
  • 044 Code the program, using a programming language.
  • 045 Execute the program with sample data.
  • 046 Debug the program.


  1. Create a python script named
  2. Each block is an input (prompt for the user), diamond blocks are prompts that must be saved in a variable
    • Example:
      • input("Start (Press Enter to continue)")
      • button = input("Find a Menu item or button which looks related to what you want to do")
  3. Use if-statements to guide/direct the program flow according to the flow chart
  4. HINT: You will have NESTED if statements as you proceed through the geek dating chart.
  5. NOTE: You will need to ignore the "No" arrow from "Have you been trying this..." to "Find a menu item..."
    • We will learn how to do this arrow soon...
  6. TEST every path of the flow chart to ensure your program behaves correctly


eatChoice = input("Have you eaten yet today? (y/n)")

if eatChoice == "y":
  print("You ate without me?")
if eatChoice == "n":
  fiveGuysChoice = input("Would you like to get some Five Guys? (y/n)")
  if fiveGuysChoice == "y":
    print("YES!  Five Guys rocks!")
  if fiveGuysChoice == "n":
    print("WHAT?!?  You are crazy!  Five Guys rocks!")