IBCS2 - 1617 - October

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Wednesday - Friday (10/26/16 - 10/28/16)


Thursday - Monday (10/20/16 - 10/24/16)


  • Demo Person, Car, Vector classes
  • Introduction to Stacks - Media:Stacks.ppt
    • Be able to describe the characteristics of a stack
    • Be able to explain the operations of a stack
    • Be able to describe different stack applications
    • If given a list or an array, be able to explain their use as stacks
  • Data Structure Visualizations
  • Practice Stack Exercises
    1. Push the following words onto a stack: "Washington-Lee", "Generals", "Computer", "Science". What will the words be in the order of popping them all.
    2. Imagine that you are stuck in a dungeon. You are using a stack to keep track of your movements so that you can find your way back to the beginning of the dungeon. Diagram the stack after the following moves: forward, left, left, right, forward, forward, right, forward, left. Using your stack, what would the order of moves be to return back to your starting position?
    3. Assume you are given a list of numbers that you can only access one at a time in their order. Describe how you would use stacks to reverse their order
  • Static-sized Stack class walk-through
    • Implement a Stack using a static data structure (e.g. array)
    • Test out our implementation to find weaknesses
    • Fix the weaknesses in our implementation
  • Queues - Media:Queues.ppt
  • Work on Java - Static Queue Assignment

Wednesday (10/19/16)

  • PSATs

Monday (10/17/16)


  • Mr. Bui has jury duty
  • Use class time to work on any missing assignments (e.g. MatrixMult, Person, Car, Vector, etc.)
  • If you have no missing assignments, then you should work on your Internal Assessment

Thursday (10/13/16)



Thursday - Tuesday (10/6/16 - 10/11/16)


  • Demo your matrix functions
  • Java Objects
  • Point Class assignment walk-through
    1. You will create two java files: Point.java and PointMain.java
      • Point.java - the Point class definition will be here
      • PointMain.java - only the main() method will be located here
    2. Declare and initialize the following private attributes in the Point class
      • double x = 0.0
      • double y = 0.0
    3. Define two Point() constructors:
      • default constructor: Point()
      • specific constructor Point(double newX, double newY)
    4. Define the following public methods in the Point class
      • double getX() - returns the x-coordinate
      • double getY() - returns the y-coordinate
      • void setX(double newX) - sets the x-coordinate to the new x-coordinate parameter
      • void setY(double newY) - sets the y-coordinate to the new y-coordinate parameter
      • String toString() - returns a String representation of the Point object
    5. Go to your PointMain.java file to test out your Point class
    6. In the main method, create several new instances of Point objects
    7. Print out each of your Point objects
    8. Define a static method in PointMain.java named double slope(Point p1, Point p2) - returns the slope between p1 and p2
    9. Test and print out your slope method when you use it with your instantiated Point objects in the main() method
  • Complete and demo the following:

Tuesday (10/4/16)


  • Two-Dimensional Array Assignment
    1. Write a method (function): matrixAdd(m1, m2) that returns a new matrix that is the sum of m1 and m2
      • Be sure to check if the two matrices are the same size (if not, then return null)
    2. Write a method (function): matrixMult(m1, m2) that returns the product of matrix m1 and m2
      • Be sure to check the rules of matrix multiplication
      • Return a null matrix if their sizes do not allow for proper multiplication