IBCS2 - 1617 - December

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Thursday - Monday (12/22/16 - 1/2/17)

  • Winter Break

Tuesday (12/20/16)


  • College Freshmen Q & A?
  • Criterion C Discussion
    • What are "advanced programming techniques"?
    • You should have about 5-6 advanced techniques you can write about in your Criterion C
  • Finish Internal Assessment Meetings


  • Work on your Internal Assessment code!

Friday (12/16/16)


  • Internal Assessment Meetings
    • Bring up your Criterion A, B, and a blank document to take notes
    • Bring up your code and/or screenshots
    • Be prepared to discuss your IA
    • Be prepared to demonstrate your IA's code
    • Be prepared to take notes on what you need to change in your IA

Wednesday (12/14/16)


  1. Create a binary tree with the following values: 14, 75, 23, 34, 36, 97, 0
  2. What does the in-order traversal of the tree yield?
  3. What does the pre-order traversal of the tree yield?
  4. What does the post-order traversal of the tree yield?


  • Introduction to Recursion
  • Linked List recursion version
  • Binary Tree Code walk-through
  • Internal Assessment Meetings on Friday (12/16/16)
    • Be prepared to discuss your IA
    • Be prepared to demonstrate your IA's code
    • Be prepared to take notes on what you need to change in your IA

Monday (12/12/16)


Thursday (12/8/16)


  • Turn in Dual Enrollment forms!
  • Introduction to Binary Trees

Tuesday (12/6/16)


  • Amazon Go
  • Dynamic Stack & Dynamic Queue quiz
  • Dual Enrollment (CSC200 - Introduction to Computer Science)
    • Turn in the signed "Intent to Pursue Dual Enrollment" form
    • If you have an AP calculus (AB or BC) score of 3 or higher, then you are exempt from the NVCC placement test. You must print the College Board score report with your name on it.

Friday (12/2/16)


  • Dear IB CS 2 Students,
    • I was out Wednesday (11/30/16) because my son was sick, and unfortunately, I am out today because I am required to attend a luncheon elsewhere. My absence has undoubtedly given you social-emotional trauma, so I will attempt to make amends by giving you several details of your upcoming quiz (see below). - Mr. Bui
  • Quiz on Dynamic Stacks & Dynamic Queues (using Nodes) on Tuesday (12/6/16)
    1. You must know what LIFO, FIFO mean, and how they relate to stacks and queues
    2. You must know how to graphically illustrate stacks and queues using nodes (as well as their corresponding top, head, and tail references)
    3. You will be given incomplete, skeletal code for DynamicStack and DynamicQueue classes, and you must "fill-in-the-blank" lines of code for push(), pop(), enqueue()/add(), and dequeue()/remove()
  • Dual Enrollment w/ NVCC - CSC200 - Introduction to Computer Science credit
    • On Tuesday (12/6/16), there will also be dual enrollment testing for math. We may actually be able to dual enroll with NVCC and receive CSC200 (Introduction to Computer Science) credit for taking IB CS 2.
    • Most of you already have passed or exempted from the English portion of the NVCC placement; however, most of you will need to prove your advanced math level.
    • You must have your parent sign the "Intent to Pursue Dual Enrollment" form, and return it ASAP on Monday or Tuesday (12/5/16, 12/6/16)
  • The Linked List assignment should be completely done (final demos will happen next week)
  • Introduction to Binary Trees (if you are done with Linked List and have already studied for Dynamic Stack and Dynamic Queue)
    • Media:BinaryTrees.ppt
    • Study the PowerPoint, and search for on-line resources if you still have questions